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    Yamaha RD500 Single decal 1985
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    Yamaha motorcycle modelsYearSpecs
    Yamaha RD 3501975Specs
    Yamaha RD 3501980Specs
    Yamaha RD 3501981Specs
    Yamaha RD 3501985Specs
    Yamaha RD 3501986Specs
    Yamaha RD 3501987Specs
    Yamaha RD 3501988Specs
    Yamaha RD 350 (5-speed)1973Specs
    Yamaha RD 350 (5-speed)1974Specs
    Yamaha RD 350 (6-speed)1973Specs
    Yamaha RD 350 (6-speed)1974Specs
    Yamaha RD 350 (reduced effect)1985Specs
    Yamaha RD 350 (reduced effect)1986Specs
    Yamaha RD 350 (reduced effect)1987Specs
    Yamaha RD 350 (reduced effect)1988Specs
    Yamaha RD 350 F1985Specs
    Yamaha RD 350 F1986Specs
    Yamaha RD 350 F1987Specs
    Yamaha RD 350 F1988Specs
    Yamaha RD 350 F1989Specs
    Yamaha RD 350 F1990Specs
    Yamaha RD 350 F (reduced effect)1985Specs
    Yamaha RD 350 F (reduced effect)1986Specs
    Yamaha RD 350 F (reduced effect)1987Specs
    Yamaha RD 350 F (reduced effect)1988Specs
    Yamaha RD 350 F (reduced effect)1989Specs
    Yamaha RD 350 F (reduced effect)1990Specs
    Yamaha RD 350 LC1982Specs
    Yamaha RD 350 LC YPVS1983Specs
    Yamaha RD 350 LC YPVS1984Specs
    Yamaha RD 350 LC YPVS (reduced effect)1983Specs
    Yamaha RD 350 LC YPVS (reduced effect)1984Specs
    Yamaha RD 350 N1989Specs
    Yamaha RD 350 N1990Specs
    Yamaha RD 350 N (reduced effect)1989Specs
    Yamaha RD 350 N (reduced effect)1990Specs
    Yamaha RD 4001978Specs
    Yamaha RD 4001979Specs
    Yamaha RD 400 C1976Specs
    Yamaha RD 400 C1977Specs
    Yamaha RD 500 LC1984Specs
    Yamaha RD 500 LC1985Specs
    Yamaha RD 500 LC1986Specs
    Yamaha RD 500 LC1987Specs
    Yamaha Road Star 17002005Specs
    Yamaha Road Star Midnight2005Specs
    Yamaha Road Star Midnight Silverado 17002004Specs
    Yamaha Road Star Midnight Silverado 17002005Specs
    Yamaha Road Star Silverado 17002005Specs
    Yamaha Road Star Warrior 17002005Specs
    Yamaha Royal Star Midnight Venture 13002005Specs
    Yamaha Royal Star Tour Deluxe2005Specs
    Yamaha Royal Star Venture 13002005Specs
    Yamaha RS 1001975Specs
    Yamaha RS 1001978Specs
    Yamaha RS 1001979Specs
    Yamaha RS 1001980Specs
    Yamaha RS 1001981Specs
    Yamaha RS 100 DX1976Specs
    Yamaha RS 100 DX1977Specs
    Yamaha RZ 502002Specs

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